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What is a Christian?

Christianity is often thought of as a cultural thing, something you grow up with, or something that is about tradition, and not always something which is real.

For us, Christianity could be described as a living relationship between each of us and God. We have moved from knowing about God distantly to knowing him personally and directly through the person of Jesus Christ.

Exploring Faith

If you are new to the Christian faith, or still considering whether you want to be part of it, you will probably have lots of questions. We believe that Christianity stands up to rigorous questioning yet also levels questions at us and we want to explore that faith with you so that we may understand and grow in faith.

At All Saints we run the Alpha course to give you a forum to ask questions or to help you refresh your own convictions. Our Alpha team is always ready to run courses and will talk with you about the day, time and number of weeks the course will run for.

We aim to treat all questions with respect and welcome honest and blunt questions – we are not easily offended!