For parents/carers with fostered or adopted babies and pre-school children

Little Acorns is aimed at parents/carers with babies and pre-school children who are fostered and/or adopted. We meet to chat and share stories whilst the children play with the toys, interspersed with drinks and snacks.

Under the currently permitted label of “Family Support”, Little Acorns has re-started on Wednesday morning in 2 sessions. Having met outside for a few weeks, as the weather has become cooler, we are now able to meet in two groups of up to 8 persons in total.

Little Acorns has a WhatsApp group so that there is lots of chat and sharing of ideas and fun in the intervening days. A number of our members now have older children but are still a part of this group and are encouraged to still meet up on Wednesdays if they are able to.