What are Homegroups?

Homegroups (or small groups) are a vital part of life at All Saints.  Every member of the church family is encouraged to join a group in order to learn together from the Bible, grow in faith, become more like Jesus, and make friends.

Small groups are where we help one another to grow in our relationship with God and with others; a place where we can ask our questions, and where we support one another in prayer and in practical ways.

They provide the support network from which we encourage one another to step out into ministry in the church, at work, and in the community; and the confidence to share the gospel with our friends.

Where do Homegroups meet?

Most groups meet fortnightly. There are two morning groups which meet in Hoole.  Several evening groups meet in Hoole – and also in Upton, Guilden Sutton, Christleton and Handbridge.

What happens in Homegroups?

Most of the time all the groups use a discussion guide that follows the sermon series, in order to dig more deeply into the subject that the whole church is looking at. At other times, there may be a variety of topics being studied, to suit the needs of individual groups.

In addition to learning from the Bible together, groups also arrange social events – meals, walks, quizzes – each term.  Some meet up for occasional activities during the summer months as well.

Don’t worry if you:

  • feel that you know very little about the Bible – we all come to learn.
  • find the idea of speaking in a group intimidating. You do not have to share anything if you don’t want to – we respect confidentiality
  • don’t know anybody very well – you soon will!
  • find praying aloud difficult (lots of people do) – you don’t have to, if you don’t want to.

How do I choose a group?

There are many reasons for choosing a specific group – not least the convenience of the day, time and place that they meet. All groups have a different feel and style, but you will find a warm welcome in each. 

If you need help choosing a group for you, please do get in touch with the church office.  The homegroups co-ordinator, Anita, will be very happy to return your call or e-mail and discuss with you which group might be most helpful for you.

What Homegroups are exploring this term

Homegroups re-start in the week beginning Monday 13th September.  This term, the following topics will be discussed :-

1. Extraordinary Hospitality ( for ordinary people) – 7 ways to welcome like Jesus

   We are the children of an amazingly generous God and this series will guide us in thinking about how to reflect His character in the way we offer hospitality to others.  No baking skills and no tidy homes are needed!  There are 7 chapters, each based on a bible passage and including practical suggestions on how to live out a life of welcome in our differing circumstances, and so point people to Jesus. 

2. Worshipping the God of all in all of life

    ‘Worship’ is not something we only do for an hour on a Sunday.  These studies, based on the Psalms, will help you to recognise God in all of life (in times of pressure and contentment, success and failure..); come to appreciate Him more, and then respond in grateful worship.

3. Faithful

    In this series we will look at how God is utterly faithful – He cannot lie and He always keeps His word.   We will look at how this brings us comfort, joy and security; which then becomes our motivation to live in way that is faithful to Him, and which extends His grace and love to others.

4. The Little Him Book

   Each chapter of this book introduces a fresh view of Jesus – who He is and what He has done.  Through reflection and discussion we will take a closer look at the Jesus who makes our hearts sing.   Each chapter ends with words from some of the greatest hymns ever written, to provide a helpful response of praise.   (Tuesday morning group)

You can also view or download previous homegroup notes here.