All Saints has six bells – the tenor (deepest toned bell) weighing about 6¾ cwt,
in the key of B.

Bells two to six were cast by John Warners & Sons London in 1867/8. The treble
(highest toned bell) is a memorial bell dedicated to those parishioners who
fell in the Great War and was added in 1925, being cast by Mears & Stainbank.

If you have ever wondered what is happening in the belfry come up and have a
look. If we are ringing when you arrive please wait quietly in the doorway
until we stop. Sometimes, when we are doing something special and do not
want to be disturbed, the lower tower door will be locked; please come again
another day.

Alternatively, you can see what we are doing by following these links:

Change ringing – Discover Bell ringing for a short introduction (1½

Or for a longer, more in depth introduction (48 mins), The craft of Bellringing.

If you are interested in learning half pull change ringing, which is what we are doing then
contact us

Coronavirus has hit the band and we require new ringers.

Learn how to handle a bell, then how to ring with others. Next comes called
changes which are used to change the order in which the bells are rung (rows).
Then comes your introduction to half pull change ringing with plain hunting,
when a number of different rows are rung consecutively (don’t worry you do not
have to remember them!) and then on to methods which are the ringing equivalent
to tunes in music.

Calls come next which are used to extend methods enabling ringer to get various
different combinations of rows possible (touches). Learn what calls are used and to
do when they are made.

By this time you will be a credible ringer but there is still much that you
can still learn:
. when to put in calls and thus make the calls yourself (bob calling)
. learn how to keep others right whilst calling (conducting)
. construct your own touches (composing)

and then there are many methods to learn (several thousand on six bells alone)
some of them quite difficult.

Bell ringing gives you physical and mental exercise and there is room for
ringers of all abilities. It also can provide a social side.