Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) is a women-only group that meets on Wednesday mornings each week in term time, 9.55-11.30am at All Saints (there is a program for pre-school children too). There are also mens groups available – please go to to find a class.

Below is a testimony written by Gill Morrison, a BSF member and leader:

I came to BSF about 20 or more years ago – after I asked people in my church about Bible study opportunities in the town where I lived.
They went through a list of possible options – the last of which was – BSF!
How glad I am, so many years later, that they remembered to mention this ministry.
Though there are many tools in the toolkit to teach people the Word of God  to the people of God – this particular tool God has used to help me encounter Him in a real and deep way and for that I will be eternally grateful.
BSF is a parachurch ministry which seeks to support the church. It freely offers its members a four-fold pattern of study– I forget so much of what I hear that Ive come to appreciate focussing on scripture  by layering truth in this way. (We usually take a book of the Bible to study per year.)
So, I read the passage and answer questions on it, then get to discuss it with others in my group, then there’s a talk and finally notes are available.
Its amazing how helpful studying Gods word like this is –  but just to be clear – its not just for information obviously – its for transformation – as the Holy Spirit convicts me of sin and the need for obedience to God’s ways in my life.
To do this every week with others – some who know the Bible well, others hardly at all – is a real joy – we gain so many more insights as we share and of course we are there to support and pray for each other too.
There’s been a BSF presence in Chester for many years as Jan Heal, then Val Atkinson led the class – I’ve been leading it for 13 years to date.
Many of you will have had some contact with us,  for others our ministry will be completely new – whoever you are, though, do give some thought to whether God is calling you to explore this opportunity more . Do contact us if you have any questions or go to our website for details
If you want to join us for the rest of the study of Matthews Gospel this year – go to ‘Find a class’ on, search Chester, then ‘Join class’ and the materials will be available to you.