Caretaker and Verger

Andy Warren

Born and bred in Lancashire, Andy is married to Paula they have four children and one grandson. Andy grew up in a non-Christian family, and only started going to the local church as a member of the local Cub Scouts. As this was only once a month, he and his older brother would occasionally attend on other Sundays.

Andy came back to the church through Paula. He was already in the post of Caretaker and was bringing Paula to church every Sunday and not staying with her. Then one Sunday, he just had the push to stay with her which he has been grateful for.

Since becoming a member of the church he has become involved in quite a few of the activities that go on, helping with the cinema afternoons and Christmas fair, working on Costa and running Cheerful Givers.

Along with Paula and several volunteers, we hold our Cheerful Givers Lunch which is on the last Sunday of the month. It’s a lunch for those that would normally eat alone, would not normally get a hot meal and those that could do with a bit of company.

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