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The God of Encouragement

Encouragement can make a tremendous difference to every one of us. We all have times when life seems to get on top of us and the challenges ahead seem more than we can cope with. Even the most optimistic people have times of discouragement.

Many of us have been blessed with friends who stood by us in the hardest times and helped us to get going and to keep on going.

Some of us have had the privilege of helping others through hard times. Many of us have been blessed by people who recognised our potential, helped us to glimpse that potential, and then encouraged us to press on to achieve it.

Some of us have had the privilege of encouraging others to develop more of their potential. The greatest encouragement is much more than a comfort which makes us feel good for a time. It is more the original sense of the English word “comfort” from the Latin con fortis meaning “with strength”.

The presence of an encouraging friend can give strength while they are with us. The greatest encouragement comes from the God of encouragement who has promised his people that he will always be with us.

This short series of studies follows the sermon series and explores the theme of encouragement. Pray that the Lord will use this to:

  • Encourage you in your walk with the Lord
  • Encourage other members of your homegroup
  • Make you someone who encourages others
  • Build a culture of encouragement in our church
  • Develop partnerships of encouragement

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Sermons in the series: