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Costa Del Holidays

Our Costa series of holidays started in 2008 to provide a stay-at-home holiday for senior citizens – and each year goes from strength to strength with a committed team of organisers coming up with new and exciting ideas every summer.

Planning starts months in advance to prepare to transform our Church Centre into a seaside resort, an old-style holiday camp and even a cruise ship – and the results are outstanding.

Costa is here for our older people who are no longer able to go away for a summer holiday, and to show the older members of our community that they are loved and cherished.

Costa runs for three days each August and a typical day will include coffee on arrival, craft activities, films (complete with popcorn and ice cream), excursions, entertainment, and sometimes the ever-popular tea dance.

Lunch is included each day - with a sherry beforehand – and there’s always afternoon tea, although refreshments are available all day, provided by our magnificent catering team.

Our guests may be senior but they’re young-at-heart so activities in previous years have included flying lessons on a flight simulator, remote controlled car racing, croquet and activities on the Wii Fit to the more sedate board games, bead craft and flower arranging.

Costa is God inspired, Jesus blessed and Spirit led – it’s also full of amazing fun, an opportunity to meet with old friends, as well as meet with new ones. The Costa team aim to put on a 5-star experience where our guests feel thoroughly pampered, and judging by feed back from guests in recent years, they consistently hit the mark!