All Saints has partnerships with a number of people and organisations working in many countries around the world. We may be from different cultures, traditions and languages, but we are one Church, and we worship one God.

Margaret Gordon

Fountain of Life, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

“Fountain of Life”, founded by Margaret Gordon is located in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Its purpose is to provide holistic care (physical, emotional, spiritual) to the homeless of Bishkek. This is done primarily through a day centre which provides hot meals three times a week, medical care, clothing and help with legal documents. In addition to this, they reach out to homeless on the streets several times a week. The building of a Hospice, which will provide palliative care for 5 or 6 terminally ill homeless people, has recently been completed and is now being staffed.

Ben and Lucy Waugh

The Gulf

Ben and Lucy are working and serving God in a Gulf State; Lucy working as a medical professional and Ben training to be a teacher.

Jesse and Ági Rowe


Jesse and Ági Rowe, our new mission partners, living in Hovd in western Mongolia for 10 weeks now (January 2023), are becoming better adjusted to the new culture and climate (-20C). They are beginning to build relationships in their neighbourhood and feel settled in their new home.

The three children, Charlie (8), Síne (6) and Enok (4), feel safe in their new surroundings. They are making new friends and learning new Mongolian words and phrases every day, as well as home-school, and they love their new puppy.

Language learning is the major challenge for the whole family at the moment. Jesse and Ági are having language lessons three times a week, with Jesse having an extra one – the rumour that Hungarians (like Ági) can learn Mongolian quicker might be true, Jesse says. Charlie has one lesson a week too.

In the Cultural Centre where he works, Jesse is mainly involved with a group of Kazakh children from a poorer district in the city who are struggling in school and need extra help. Jesse and Ági are already looking ahead at how to provide more resources and classes for the Kazakh community in Hovd.

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