We offer two different Church of England services for babies and young children – Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child and Baptism.


Thanksgiving is an opportunity to say thank you to a Creator God for the wonderful gift of a child without having to make promises we may not be able to keep or statements which we may not be sure we believe. For many people today that fits with where they are on their spiritual journey.


In Baptism we make promises about bringing our children up as part of the church family and we state our own faith in and commitment to Jesus Christ.

We also have a baptistery at All Saints and we are always delighted to baptise older children and adults by immersion.

Picture of a baptism by immersion in All Saints Church, Chester.

Find out more

Please contact the Church Office and a member of the All Saints’ team will be happy to come and visit you in order to explain the different services and answer your questions.

There is no charge for a Thanksgiving or Baptism service and we hold these within our 10.45am All Age Worship on the 1st Sunday of the month. We have a maximum of 3 babies at any one service.