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Hoole Former School Buildings Sale

All Saints Church, a registered charity, has reached an agreement, subject to contract, for the Marjory Boddy Charitable Trust to purchase the former school buildings in Westminster Road, Hoole currently used as the Hoole Community Centre.  The church is very pleased that the Trust intends to maintain the use of the buildings as a Community Centre.

The former school went on the market in September 2022 and attracted a significant number of offers for a variety of different future uses.  The Church, working with a professional selling agent, carefully considered these offers to assess which provided the best overall outcome for the charity that could be reasonably achieved in the circumstances.  This is a legal requirement when a charity sells property.  The offer from the Trust met these requirements and should allow the seamless continuity of activities in the Community Centre.

The Church and the Trust are seeking to complete the sale process as soon as legally possible.

The Vicar of All Saints Church said: “I am delighted that the Marjory Boddy Charitable Trust is purchasing the former school and that community use will continue in the buildings.  The church remains committed to serving the Hoole community through our work with adults, those with challenges of all types, young people and children.“

For further information contact Reverend Craig Gaudion:

Background for Editors

All Saints Church is an Anglican church of approximately 200 people, located on Hoole Road, Chester. The congregation consists of people of all ages, with a growing number of families with children.  Our Vicar, Reverend Craig Gaudion joined us in September 2021. The church serves the parish of Hoole and supports many activities in Chester and beyond.  The church itself and the associated church centre host many community groups, events and activities each week. In addition to the Vicar, the church employs a full-time youth worker and other staff who support community activities and the operation of the church centre.

All Saints Church is funded by its congregation and does not receive any funding from the Church of England, trusts or other sources.

The Westminster Road buildings were formerly a primary school given to the church by the Grosvenor Estate and have been owned by the church since 1903.

This was posted on 24 January 2023 in General news

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