Weekly letter and notices, 10 Jan 2021

Dear member of the All Saints family,

Happy New Year! 

As you know last Sunday was John and Kate’s last one with us and they have written a lovely letter of thanks with a message for us all, which is part of today’s package.  If you missed the presentation that the church made to them, you can see it as we have now posted the recording on our Facebook and YouTube pages.  If you were watching the online service at 10:45 on Sunday you will have missed the opening of the presents, so we have posted this as a separate item on Facebook and YouTube.

As we communicated yesterday, following the Government’s decision to impose lockdown and the alarming increased risk of people contracting the Covid virus, we have had to suspend the 9 AM service until the government lifts lockdown.  In the meantime, we would encourage everyone to stay in touch with one-another and the church and there are a number of means to do this in addition to personal contact.  These include Homegroups and via pastoral provision. 

Homegroups – They provide opportunity for regular contact between members and provide other means of support in these unusual times. If you would like to be linked with a group do let one of us know or telephone the office and we will get back to you. 

Pastoral provision – we are currently discussing ways to carry out pastoral care in the interregnum and will include details in one of the weekly letters that will replace the letter that John Kirkland has been writing. With best wishes and blessings,

 Andy Creeth and John Chester

This was posted on 7 January 2021 in Weekly letters and notices

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