Weekly letter and notices, 3 Oct 2021

Dear All Saints Family,

It’s Craig here (the new vicar). I’m so glad to be able to write to you this week!

Firstly – a huge hello from Gemma, Hannah, Phoebe and myself!  We’re so glad to be here and to join the incredible community of All Saints!

Thank you so much to those of you who could get to the church building for my induction and for those of you who watched online – what an evening! I had so many people tell me how uplifted they were by the service, and I totally agree! Thanks to those who were able to come and say ‘hi’ and my apologies if I didn’t get around to seeing you – there will be lots of time to do that in the near future, I hope!

Thank you also to those who have shown our family such kindness and generosity, whether praying for us, popping round, blessing us in all sorts of ways. We’ve felt so welcome already and have been really encouraged by your hospitality – which is a key marker of the kingdom of God.

I can’t possibly recall everyone’s names to thank you, but I hope you receive mine and Gemma’s sincere thanks to everyone of you who have been praying for us in the lead up to the induction, and for all those particularly who helped with setting up and preparing for the evening – it was a huge feat, so my sincere gratitude to you all!

On this occasion, however, I do wish to express my public thanks to our fantastic Church Wardens, Andy Creeth and John Chester who carried much of the responsibility for organising last Sunday and have done such a great job in leading the church in the vacancy. When you see them next, please thank them personally!

Be assured of Gemma’s and my continued prayers for every single one of you.

Love and prayers,

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